Pickleball Grass

With Pickleball Grass by ForeverLawn™, you can elevate your game with a versatile and modular surface that provides natural rebound and shock absorbance.

Ace the Space and Elevate Gameplay

To perform at the highest level, you have to start from the ground up. Whether for recreation, practice, or competition, your playing surface matters. That’s why we’ve crafted a unique, multi-use solution to help minimize inconsistencies and injuries and maximize performance out on the court.

Serve your courts and players better with Pickleball Grass by ForeverLawn.

Pickleball court with paddle and ball.


  • Multipurpose Usage – A synthetic grass surface is versatile, allowing you to enjoy it for multipurpose usage. Serve any court with quality greens from Pickleball Grass by ForeverLawn.
  • Safety for Players – Concrete can be tough on players’ joints, but our synthetic grass offers relief to ankles, knees, and hips via shock-absorbing blades. Players can enjoy their favorite sport without worrying about injury.
  • High-Performance Surface – A synthetic grass pickleball court has all the characteristics that you want from a natural grass tennis court. The rebound of a pickleball on our grass has a coefficient of restitution difference equal to that of a natural grass tennis court using a tennis ball, which means that the court plays faster and the rebound is 15-20% less than that of a hardcourt — just like in tennis.
  • Modular Design – You can roll out a pickleball court and assemble it in less than an hour for indoor applications. Experience the same ease with outdoor applications if you have an existing court surface in good condition.
  • Versatile Options – For complete, permanent installations, there are multiple base options available based on your needs and applications, with some options that are 40% more inexpensive than a standard hard court.

Pickleball Grass Rally PRODUCTS

Pickleball Grass Rally is the ideal playing surface for any pickleball fan. Specially crafted with quality and innovation in mind, this product provides a multi-use solution with advanced safety features such as superior impact absorption and traction, making it the most unique pickleball surfacing option available.


PickleballGrass Rally product


PickleballGrass Rally product - blue

Pickleball Grass Rally Product Specifications

Yarn TypeTextured Nylon Monofilament
Turf ColorVerde Green / Lime Green

Secondary Color Option: Blue
Pile Height¼ inch
ConstructionSingle Yarn
Tufting Gauge3/16"
Yarn Count4,400/8
Face Weight47 ounces
Total Product Weight75 ounces
BackingPrimary: 15 PP/18 PET pic woven (2)

Secondary: Natural Rubber
SeamingTurf Adhesive
Infill1-2 lbs. sand per square foot

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