Master Chip Shots: Maintain a Light Grip on the Club and Soft Hands to Maximize Your Swing

All the pros know it—from centers on the basketball court to wide receivers on the football field, you’ll find one thing in common in almost all sports—soft hands.

Pay Attention to Your Grip

Many people tend to keep a tight grip on whatever they are holding when they are deep in concentration. It’s no different when you’re holding a club. In fact, it’s one of the easiest mistakes to make by amateurs, but one that is easily fixed by simply paying attention.

So what’s so wrong with a tight grip? Gripping your club too tightly typically will activate wrist action and will cause you to have a quick, choppy motion. Light pressure simply gives you more control.

Practice Putting Pressure on Your Club

A good exercise to help you quickly become aware of how a tight and soft grip differ from each other is to grip your club as tightly as you can and then release the pressure slowly until you are barely holding the club.

The “sweet spot” we’re looking for here to improve your short game is to keep your pressure at about a midpoint between as tightly as you can grip and having no pressure at all.

After you have the softer grip, you can begin with a basic chipping technique. Keep the ball toward the back of a barely open stance, keep your chin high, and your back straight.

Keeping the grip pressure consistent is key to getting the accuracy and distance control you’re looking for. Keep your eyes focused on the back of the ball, and keep your head still after impact for solid contact. Becoming a better chipper is all about keeping your hands relaxed. Try it!