Bocce balls on boccegrass

Consistent ball roll. Low maintenance. Great appearance.

With BocceGrass by ForeverLawn®, you can have a professional-grade bocce court wherever you want. BocceGrass artificial turf provides a terrific playing surface and consistent roll. With a grass-like appearance and great durability, your bocce court will be a beautiful addition to your property and provide years of consistent play with little maintenance.

Why BocceGrass?

BocceGrass artificial turf is a great alternative to common bocce court surfacing materials such as dirt, clay, crushed oyster shells, or decomposed granite. BocceGrass products provide a durable surface with minimal bounce that’s ideal for bocce ball.

  • Consistent surface, play, and ball roll
  • Handles high traffic well
  • Low maintenance
  • Great appearance
  • Fast drainage

Choose the Right BocceGrass Product for Your Application

BocceGrass Play by ForeverLawn

BocceGrass Play

BocceGrass Play has a taller blade height, knitted construction, and dual yarn colors for a richer, more realistic appearance, making it ideal for recreational players who want to add a beautiful and fun feature to their outdoor space.

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BocceGrass Court by ForeverLawn

BocceGrass Court

BocceGrass Court is ideal for the more serious bocce ball player who is looking for a quality, durable surface with a short pile height that delivers a consistent ball roll every time.

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