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Improve Your Putting

Practice may not make perfect, but every practice brings you closer to becoming the golfer you desire to be. Over 65% of all golf shots are made on or around the green. With a putting green in your own backyard, finding time to practice and improve your game just got easier.


Improve your putting on one of our specialty greens solutions. The following GolfGreens products have been specially designed for golfers looking to improve their putting performance:


True Putt St. Andrews

True Putt St. Andrews is the perfect choice for practicing precision putts. The textured nylon surface mirrors the fast green speeds of professional golf courses through its short, dense construction – creating a realistic, smooth surface for consistent ball roll.

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True Putt Augusta

Practice your putts on the textured nylon greens of True Putt Augusta. Featuring composite, realistic colors and action-backed with embossed rubber, True Putt Augusta improves stability and lengthens the life of your project for consistent practice and improved performance.

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True Putt Sawgrass

The appeal of True Putt St. Andrews and Augusta with enhanced, realistic color. This combination of greens with a touch of tan creates a stunning visual replication of a professional course. Paired with minimal maintenance and an embossed rubber backing, True Putt Sawgrass offers you unrivaled authenticity and performance so you can stay on top of your game.

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Add an attractive perimeter to your putting green with our lush, high performing fringe turf that has a realistic look and feel.

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Ez Putt

EZ Putt

This entry-level putting green is a family favorite for the backyard. The medium pile height and average stimp speed are great for consistent putting.

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Golf Pro’s Corner

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