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Jimmy Hanlin, PGA Professional

“I love the GolfGreens True Putt 10/11 because it’s fast like the pro greens I’m used to. It’s a nice consistent surface to practice putting on. Plus, the Fringe and Select HD top off the whole look.”

—Jimmy Hanlin, PGA Professional
Customer Profile:

PGA professional golfer Jimmy Hanlin is host of “18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin” alongside co-host and LPGA professional Natalie Gulbis. The duo takes viewers along as they visit some of the most exclusive resort golf courses in America and beyond. Hanlin also hosts the ESPN radio talk show, “The Northern Ohio PGA Golf Show”, on 850 WKNR.

Jimmy is Owner and Director of Golf at some of Ohio’s finest golf courses such as Little Mountain Country Club, StoneWater Golf Club, and Cumberland Trail Golf Club. In addition, Jimmy teaches golf alongside PGA pros Bob Bourne and Bryan Huff at the Hanlin Golf Schools at StoneWater Golf Club.

As a TV host and instructor, Jimmy has to be on top of his game at all times, and that requires tons of hard work and practice. In order to practice away from the spotlight, Jimmy decided to create a 1,700 square foot green right in his own backyard with a combination of GolfGreens® True Putt 10/11, Fringe, and DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select HD.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team to put together my new putting green. The installation was seamless, and now I’ve got a beautiful, private, and professional-grade putting green to practice on whenever I want,” says Jimmy.