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Golf Week Magazine Golf Course Rater

“The ForeverLawn dense putting surface looks, feels, and most importantly, putts closely to a real green.”

—Larry Lanham, Golf Week Magazine course rater
Customer Profile:

Larry is a Golf Week Magazine golf course rater, as well as a member of the Donald Ross Society, giving him the opportunity to participate in 10 golf trips per year rating golf courses and attending architectural summits and golf related retreats throughout the world.

Larry is an avid golfer, belonging to three premier private golf clubs including Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, Brookside Country Club in Canton, Ohio, and the Country Club of Naples, Florida. He associates with many tour professionals, club presidents, PGA personnel, and course designers such as Pete Dye, P.B. Dye, Tom Fazio, and Ben Crenshaw.

Larry’s ultimate goal was to have the best professional putting green in his backyard that would simulate the putting surface of his favorite hometown course. He had ripped out two previous inferior golf greens before hitting the sweet spot with his GolfGreens putting green!

Customer Interview:

The challenging irregular shape and undulating area made for a natural pleasing to the eye appearance. This is in opposition to the squarish or rectangular shapes that are easier to install. The progression of green, first cut, and rough adds to both the appearance and functionality of the green. Duplicating the surrounds of an actual green puts one in the same frame of mind as being on a real green. Knowing the mental aspect of golf, and putting in particular, is a huge part of the game, making the practice environment as close to actual is invaluable.

Amazingly close to a natural bent grass roll, we were able to adjust the speed to an 11.5 on the stimp meter and basically duplicate the speed of my favorite home course. I understand this may be tweaked faster or slower by the volume of fill in the turf.

No comparison. The ForeverLawn dense putting surface looks, feels, and most importantly, putts closely to a real green. The previous materials were much more porous creating extreme variable speed conditions across the green in total. There were fast spots and slow spots and the ball didn’t roll true. (Was like putting on berber carpet.)

Primary reason for me personally is for practice, but as it turns out, it gets use as entertainment for nearly all who visit. Whether it’s putting contests, games, or just plain putting fun, the green is a source of unlimited entertainment for both player and those watching, particularly during private gatherings and parties.

10 out of 10 on all scores. All were extremely attentive and professional. I was amazed at the level of concern and attention to detail on all facets of the installation. I was equally impressed with the follow up and return “tune up” that was made by the ForeverLawn co-owner a few weeks after installation as a double check to correct any potential settling or further adjustments if needed or desired.

Without hesitation and have given recommendations and referrals on several occasions thus far and will continue to do so.

Love the idea of continuing to receive an annual tune up and keep the green(s) in tip-top putting shape. Also curious to see what the life of the green will be when properly maintained with the help of ForeverLawn.