Understanding the Difference Between Chipping and Pitching

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin helps teach Caroline Collins how to chip and pitch the ball onto the green. 

Chipping and pitching are actually opposites. A chip shot is a short game shot that rolls farther than it flies. A pitch shot is a short game shot that flies farther than it rolls. 

Jimmy’s Tips for Chipping

For chipping, Jimmy suggests to first get a little closer to the golf ball in your stance. You want your club to be more vertical towards the ball. Next, use a weaker grip on the club. Then lean to the left side of the golf ball. 

As you take your swing, you want to keep your arms and chest in an upside down triangle setup, with no wrist movement. This allows you to bump the ball onto the green so it can roll into the hole. 

If you are wondering which club to use, you can use anywhere from a 7-iron to a sand wedge. 

One last adjustment you can make for an easier chip is to toe your club in just the slightest bit. This is just for chipping, not for pitching. Doing this will allow for quicker, more solid contact that is necessary for chipping. 


Jimmy’s Tips for Pitching

For pitching, Jimmy suggests to again use a weaker grip than you usually would. Instead of toeing the face like you would do for chipping, you should open the face when it comes to pitching. This allows you to use the bounce of the wedge, which is super important. 

Then move up in your stance and get a tad closer to the ball. Don’t go crazy in your backswing, you just want a hinged arm swing. Again, this allows you to better use the bounce of the wedge. Keep your stance square so your club doesn’t go straight up in the air and so you can keep on your target. Your ball should be able to travel a lot higher, but land a lot softer. 

Golf ball in the bunker

Start Practicing Chip and Pitch Shots

Knowing the difference between chipping and pitching will have you at a great advantage when you play the game of golf. Using these two techniques will allow you to make slicker plays and use smarter game strategy. 

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