Tips for Women Golfers

As a female golfer, it can sometimes seem intimidating to go golfing for the first time or to hit powerful iron shots. One of the most common issues experienced by women golfers is that they do not take deep enough shots, which are necessary for strong iron shots. 

One of the most important ways to practice getting a strong shot is to focus on hitting the ball first and the ground after. To improve this, here is one exercise to try:

Position yourself as if you were going to take a swing.

Begin by taking your right hand off the club and then moving it to cover the left hand entirely so that both hands are gripping the golf club together. By doing this, you will take control out of the back arm, which can cause weak shots and scoops. By adding control to the front arm and removing control from the back arm, it will feel easier to make a swing that hits the ground as well.

Begin by taking a few practice swings.

Before hitting a ball in this position, begin by taking a few practice swings to get a feel for the control in each arm. 

Position the golf ball and swing with this grip.

Instead of focusing on control, focus on holding your hands over each other and hitting the ground. It may feel hard to begin with, but over time you will begin to hit the ground and release any over-control of the club.

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