Should You Tee It Up On a Par 3?

In this segment of 18 Holes from Red Rock Golf Trail in Utah, Natalie gives advice on whether or not to tee it up on a par 3. These pros hear this question countless times from fellow pros and amateurs alike.

Natalie is quick to relate her experience with the same dilemma, and shares that she and her longtime coach, Butch, agree; whenever you can tee it up, you absolutely should.

Whether you are hitting with a nine, wedge, or an even longer club, placing the ball on the tee will give you the best chance of striking with solid contact. Solid strikes give you reliable distance and straight shots, two keys to scoring consistently.

Set the tee to a height that is comfortable for the club you’re using. The goal is to improve your lie and remove any barriers between the club face and the ball.

Does Everyone Agree with Natalie and Jimmy?

While Jimmy and Natalie both believe in the benefits of striking the ball off the tee on those par 3’s, not everyone agrees. Some coaches and pros feel like they get better control with their shorter clubs striking the ball directly off the ground. They believe that any sacrifice in distance is more than made up for with straighter and more accurate shots.

One thing you can do is to spend a little time on the range and test this out for yourself. If you find that you have a wider dispersal when hitting off the tee, it may be highlighting a shortcoming in your swing. Fixing this issue will help all your tee shots, not just those tricky par 3’s.

This video shows you that even the pros ask themselves the same questions we amateurs have. Adding consistency and predictability to your game will allow you to lower your score and improve your enjoyment of the game!

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