Setting Up the Proper Stance

On this episode of Swing Clinic, Daniel Moss, Head Golf Professional & Director of Instruction for the PGA, teaches Holly Sonders how to set up the proper stance. 

Where to Place the Ball?

Ball placement can be really confusing for a lot of people. We tend to want to move our feet around, which makes it hard to find just the right spot. Moss has some tips for keeping the ball in the same position, yet have it in the right place for your stance.

With a sand wedge, place the ball about three inches off your left heel and narrow up your stance. Many play the ball off of their right heel with the sand wedge, but this isn’t necessarily how it should be done. 

With an 8-iron, set up with the same stance, but move the right foot back two inches and keep the ball three inches off your left heel. Widening your stance slightly is the key here. 

With a 6-iron, once again, take a bit of a wider stance while keeping the ball three inches off of your left heel.

Now the ball looks as if  it has moved forward in your stance, when in reality, you have just moved back. This makes things easier for you in the end, because you only need to remember to move one foot. 

Widen up just a little more with a hybrid and keep the ball three inches off of your left heel. This does change with a driver though—both feet need to move to the right since you will be hitting it off the left heel. This stance method makes ball placement so much easier and will lead to better shots. 

One Key Piece of Advice from Daniel Moss

Moss’ one key piece of advice is to “hit down through the ball in order to launch it.” Most people try to lift the golf ball. Don’t be afraid to take a divot and don’t help it into the air. Divots can always be fixed, just like your swing.

Golfer setting up the proper golf stance

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