Pitching the Ball Onto the Green

Caroline Collins joins Jimmy Hanlin at Little Mountain Country Club in Concord, Ohio, on a wet overcast day. The focus is on executing a great pitch shot, rather than the chip shot. 

Remember with a chip shot, you are trying to get the ball to roll after it lands. On a proper pitch shot, you want a little more height so it lands softer and stops quickly on the green.

Proper Pitching Technique Step by Step

Start with weakening and loosening your grip to allow a little give between the club face and the ball.

Open the club face to give the club a little bounce before striking the ball.

Adjust your stance be a little closer to the ball. You want the shaft of your club to be more vertical than on a regular swing.

On the back swing, create just a little hinge between your hands and the club. Like Jimmy says, “you don’t want it getting crazy.” By doing this you’ll hit the ball squarely and be able to generate enough club speed at the bottom of the swing, creating that tell-tale thud and lofting the ball onto the green.

One thing to remember is to keep your stance fairly square just like Caroline does. This prevents you from opening up too much, taking the club back at an exaggerated angle, and pushing your shots to the right.

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Golfer taking pitch shot