Navigating Trouble Shots Over Trees

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin gives Caroline Collins some tips on how to navigate trouble shots over trees.

What is a Trouble Shot?

Even the best golfers have found themselves in an unfortunate situation on the course at some point in their lives. A trouble shot occurs when your ball gets stuck in an area like sand, water, etc. This means that your normal golf swing will need to be adjusted in order to get out of the conundrum you are facing. It means, you are in trouble and you have to find your way out of this. It is never easy, even for the best of the best. 

Make the Right Decision

Getting out of trouble all begins with making the right decision. Golfers can be too aggressive or overestimate themselves and their talents, which is their first mistake. Start by setting your club on the ground pointing toward your target, and step on its loft. This will tell you how high your ball should launch to get up and over the trees. Using your wedge, your goal is to hit the ball higher. Instead of the middle placement, you want your ball position a little bit forward by about an inch.

Next, put slightly more weight on your right foot than your left. Lastly, to hit high, you need to hit the ball hard. Having control and yet hitting it hard enough to make solid contact is the sweet spot that you will want to find. This will hopefully allow your ball to fly above the trees, instead of hitting the trees and bouncing back at you.

Trouble Shots Over Trees

Getting Your Ball Up and Over Trees

Getting stuck in the trees can be a frustrating part of the game of golf, but those kind of obstacles challenge you to become a better golfer. Trees create beautiful visuals, but also become annoying when you are trying to get your ball around them. This is why getting your ball up and over the obstacle is key. As much as golfers may see them as negative components of a course, trees offer beauty and shade. Trees are going to be part of your golfing experience whether you like them or not, so learning how to play around them can help improve your game.

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