Mastering the Most Important Part of the Golf Swing: The Setup

Every good golf swing starts with the right setup. The pros certainly know about the importance of a proper setup yet the average golfer often overlooks this subtle yet important element of golfing. A quality setup presents the opportunity to execute a solid swing. Fail to establish the proper setup and you will have minimal or even no chance of striking the ball properly.

Resist the Temptation to Bend Your Knees and Lower Your Head

If you are like most amateur golfers, you were likely taught or read about the importance of bending at the knees and keeping your head down. This approach to golfing has become so pervasive that the professionals refer to it as the “head down syndrome.” There is no need to bend your knees as though you are preparing to guard a basketball player driving to the hoop. 

Establish Proper Positioning

Keep your knees fairly straight with a slight bend but do not lock them. Tilt your hips just a bit forward, slightly jut your backside outward and flex at the knees. Hang your arms outward and maintain a stance that feels natural to you. Let the tension slide out of your body and execute your swing.

Setting up for Driver Shots

If you are setting up for a shot with a longer club such as a driver, you will generally keep the same posture as used when swinging an iron. However, the difference between these two shots is the golf ball is elevated in the air as opposed to resting flat on the ground. 

When preparing to hit the driver, your sternum should be at least four inches behind the golf ball, allowing for a swing arc to occur four to six inches behind the golf ball. This approach ensures the golf club can move upward just prior to and at the point of impact, creating a high-arching shot that lands in the middle of the fairway or green.

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