How to Use Your Lower Body to Improve Your Golf Swing

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin helps teach Chelsea Pezzola how to use her lower body for an improved golf swing. 

Start with Your Arms

Before the drill, Chelsea demonstrates starting with her arms instead of her lower body. This can create a weight shift from your left leg to your right leg, which will then take away the strength from your strike with the golf ball. Jimmy then expresses the importance of using your lower body to start off your swing.

Turning Your Hips

Starting your swing with the lower body can overall improve your strength, as well as your strategy. In the video Chelsea tells us that the hip is what should start your backswing. When you initially bring back your club, shift your weight from the right leg to the left and turn your hips. When you start with your hips shifted it will leave room for your arms to comfortably square up with the ball before you strike it.

Importance of Core 

When you are turning your hips before you swing, you need to also engage the core. The core is going to determine your control and your strength, so you should feel the engagement before you follow through with your swing.

Using Your Lower Body to Improve Your Swing

Practice Jimmy’s Drill 

  1. Halfway into Chelsea’s swing, Jimmy holds the club at about 90 degrees.
  2. He then tells Chelsea to focus on turning her hips and let her arms do their thing. (This lets the lower body take control of the swing and shifts your focus from your arms, to your hips.)

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