How to Tackle an Uphill Lie Bunker Shot

Believe it or not, the uphill lie bunker shot is actually one of the easiest shots in the game of golf. But so many golfers tend to think there’s so much more to it than there really is and end up complicating it for themselves. In this episode of Swing Clinic, PGA golfers Jimmy Hanlin and Elise Lobb discuss why this shot is really quite simple, and Jimmy shows Elise a few tips for the perfect uphill shot.

Uphill Gives You the Loft You Need

The slope of the bunker already puts you at an advantage. It gives you the loft that you need to get the ball up into the air and onto the green. Jimmy helps get Elise set up in the right position by telling her to hold her shoulders level to the slope. This may seem contrary to what new golfers are taught, which is to keep your weight forward. But doing so will create an awkward stance and send your wedge right into the sand.

Because there’s already so much loft from the slope, you only need to open your clubface slightly, and adjust your stance so that the ball is centered. As you take your swing, remember to swing with the slope.

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