How to Swing Your Iron for a Better Shot

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin shows Chelsea Pezzola how to improve her iron game. Jimmy has a few drills that should help you with a better iron shot.

Drill #1: Mastering Lower Body Movement

For this drill, start by moving your club about two feet behind your ball. You won’t be able to hit the ball as far, but your lower body doing the motion is what is going to be the catalyst for moving the ball. This may seem awkward, but it is the perfect way to master how your lower body moves when taking this shot. In a way, this drill resembles a hockey slapshot.  

Drill #2: Rotation

This next drill from Jimmy has to do with your finish. It is key that you understand how your body moves after your lower body motion. When you take your swing, your body rotates a lot and you need to understand these motions and how you get to your finishing stance in order to truly have successful swings. 

If you are right handed, everything from your ankles, hips, shoulders and arms are going to rotate to the left toward your target. These rotations are what leads to a good finish. Essentially, you aren’t heaving your body toward the target, you are moving your body around yourself so that the ball can effectively reach the target. 


To practice this, start in your finish position and do your swing backwards, then swing back into your finish position. Then add a ball on a tee to this drill and do the exact same thing, but hit the ball on the final swing back to your finish position. This sequence helps with balance and momentum, plus teaches you how to twist your body in order to make a successful swing. Sequencing is key!

Approach shot with iron from fairway

Things to Remember for Iron Shots

Perfect contact is easy once you have your swing sequence down. Keep your posture and the rotation of your body at the forefront of your mind when practicing shots with your iron. You need to be using your entire body in order to get good contact on the ball. Don’t help the ball up, simply sweep into contact. 

Improving your iron game is all about using your entire body to your advantage, so don’t undervalue what you can do!

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