How to Square Up Your Club Face to the Ball at the Right Time

Slices and hooks are the most common golf swing flaws. However, both of these problems can be rectified with a focus on squaring the club face at the point of impact. Though squaring the club face is easier said than done, it is possible with enough practice. We summarized the motions that were mentioned in the video here, but be sure to watch to see the pros in action!

Establish a Target Line

Put a thin straight white line on the grass so it runs parallel to your lead foot. This is the target line you will use to practice squaring up your club face. Your club face should meet this target line at the point of impact for optimal club-ball contact. If the club face is even slightly open or closed rather than parallel with the target line, you will end up with a hook or slice.

Mind Your Motion

Squaring your club face starts with taking the club back in a measured manner. Maintain body control as you bring the club back halfway, just a little beyond your hip. Bring the club back down, returning to the square position. Repeat this practice half-swing over and over again to get into the habit of properly squaring your club face. 

Transition to Ball Striking

After several practice swings, it is time to hit some balls. Be sure to lean slightly forward as you execute your swing. Slightly open your hips just before you make contact with the golf ball to ensure a truly squared point of impact. Your body position at the point of impact should be a bit more forward from your original position when you started the swing. 

Continue practicing these coordinated movements and you will eventually eliminate your hook or slice, perfectly squaring up your club face with the ball each time you hit the links.

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