How to Properly Utilize the Bounce of Your Wedge

Whether you are a new golfer or a seasoned professional, there is always something new to be learned about the game of golf. 

When working on avoiding chipping, it is important to begin with as little body movement as possible by putting your feet closer together. As the wedge gets closer to the ball, many golfers begin to panic and feel the need to impress those watching by increasing the projection of the ball. When this occurs, golfers often take a steep shot, chipping at the green, creating a less than ideal performance from both their swing and their wedge. The wedge is made to lessen the golfer’s work by creating an ideal bounce. Be sure to practice with your wedge to get used to and take full advantage of that bounce.

One Exercise to Utilize the Bounce of Your Wedge

  1. Position yourself with your club as if you were about to swing and hit the ball. This exercise works best if you step away from the ball and instead focus solely on your position. Once you are positioned, take your left hand from the club and rest it on your thigh (or vice versa). 
  2. With your left hand off the club, focus on swinging so that the back of the club makes an audible noise as it touches the green. By performing this motion, you focus on bouncing rather than digging into the green. 
  3. Once you have practiced this motion, set a golf ball down in front of you. Start with short one-handed swings, focusing on the bounce rather than speed. To focus on the direction and distance, let the swing go longer. After practicing with one hand, you will be able to increase your attention to the smooth motion and weight of the club. 

How GolfGreens Synthetic Putting Turf Can Help with Pitching Performance

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