How to Hit the Golf Ball Low on a Cold and Windy Day

Do you want to be able to hit the ball well even when it is cold and windy? Jimmy Hanlin and Chelsea Pezzola go over tips on how to hit a golf ball low on a windy, cold day while at the Big 10 Golf Championship at TPC River Bend in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When it is cold and windy you have more clothes on, you’re tight, and it is harder to make a full golf swing. You need to flight the golf ball down. 

How to Flight the Golf Ball Down

This drill will help you to have a smooth controlled swing so you know where the golf ball is going. What Jimmy means by flighting the golf ball down is keeping it low/down in the wind.

You won’t be able to keep the golf ball down if your weight is on your back foot. He wants you to get the feeling of being on your front foot at impact which will help you flight the golf ball down. 

Take your back foot and tilt it inward so that the outside of your foot is tilted up. Your heel should be off the ground and your knee bent and inward. Your weight will be on your toe. Take a swing and see how it feels. Set up again and make sure you are on your front foot at impact. Make sure your body isn’t bent or tilted. It should be straight with your weight on your front foot.

Conquer the Cold and Windy Days

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Gaining the confidence and skill needed to play in challenging weather just takes practice. As you practice with the tips from Jimmy and Chelsea, you’ll have more confidence and better shots. 

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