How to Hit a Draw

In this segment of 18 Holes with Natalie Gulbus and Jimmy Hanlin, LPGA pro Natalie shows PGA pro Jimmy how easy it is to hit a draw shot. Many weekend golfers naturally hit draws without knowing why, but being able to control this part of your game can help you reach a new level of enjoyment.

Here, Jimmy finds himself with a pin that is totally hidden behind some palm trees. He needs to hit a draw shot or curve his ball from right to left. If it were the opposite, it would be a fade. Successfully hitting this shot does not need to be overly complicated as Natalie reassures him.

Simply, close your stance and shoulders a little bit. You do not want to completely close off the club, so just move your feet in an inch or two. Next, take the club back straight, making a gentle sweep or arc as you come forward with your swing.

This will move the ball closer to the intended target. But if the shot goes straight instead, you’ll still be in a great position on your follow up shot.

Practicing Your Draw Shot Will Give You Better Ball Control

With practice, you will be able to confidently hit these shots. Knowing just how much to close the club head will come with experience. Soon, you’ll know how much to close your shoulders and stance to move the ball left by whatever amount you need to make that successful draw.

In this example, Jimmy takes Natalie’s advice and moves the ball about 20 yards left. This lands his approach shot on the green near the pin with a very makeable putt. Obviously, you’re going to need to practice to consistently hit these successfully, but this shows even the pros need a little advice from time to time.

Golfer standing with the proper stance ready to hit the ball

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