How to Hit a Better Drive

In this episode of ‘Swing Clinic’, Jimmy Hanlin shows Caroline Collins how to hit a better driver shot. To hit a good driver shot, Jimmy explains that you need to be able to sync your arms and body simultaneously. 

Move Your Body with Your Swing

Jimmy’s first tip is to make sure that when your body moves to swing a driver, your club moves with your body, not independently. A great drill he mentions is putting the clubhead against your stomach and stretching your arms out to the middle of the club, then rotate. 

You will realize that your body moves with the club when you rotate. This is what you should keep in mind when taking your driver shot. The key is that everything should move together. So, if you’re looking for tools in addition to drills to help you with your driver shot, this is a great one that Jimmy highly recommends.

Follow These Steps

To start, make sure you are picking the correct club, ball, and tee. Aim for something vertical, like a tree, other than the target on the ground. Aiming for a hole in the ground is going to be very difficult. Next, make sure your feet are in the proper position, and adjust your arms and your grip accordingly. Finally, use Jimmy’s tips to execute a proper backswing and swing through. It can be easy to fall into a routine, but following each step makes sure you are doing all that you need to do to have a successful driver shot.

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