How to Hit a Hook Lie

The dreaded hook lie. We’ve heard the term but what is it exactly?

If you find yourself standing with your feet positioned lower than the ball, chances are you’re dealing with what golfers call the “hook lie.”

With the ball above your feet, the ball has a tendency to react to the changing angle of the club face. Many golfers tend to over analyze this shot and make it more complicated than it needs to be. Some will drastically change their aim or swing causing the ball to veer to the right or the left. You need a way to hit a predictable shot!

In the video, Jimmy asks Natalie what her thought process is when she comes across a hook lie like this one. With the pin position in this scenario at the back right of the green, Natalie must hit a shot that goes straight or moves a little to the left. There’s no room to the right for error.

Natalie’s 3 Steps to Hitting a Hook Lie

Natalie prefers to keep it simple when she needs to make a shot like this. It comes down to three factors: aim, stance, and swing.

  1. Aim: When hitting a hook lie aim your club right where you want to go. In Natalie’s case, the pin.
  2. Stance: Open your stance to offset the hook lie.
  3. Swing: Focus on swinging toward the desired spot.

This keeps the ball on a nice trajectory, leaving the desired follow up stroke.

This video shows you how the pros handle these everyday tough shots that add unwanted strokes to your game! Be sure to check out all of our golf pro tips, or contact us today to learn how GolfGreens® can help you practice like a pro!