How to Hit a Draw and Fade

On this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin teaches Holly Sonders how to hit the perfect draw and fade. This controlled maneuver is for more of a skilled golfer rather than a beginner, yet Jimmy reiterates that this does not mean it’s hard.

What is a Draw Shot?

A draw shot is a golf term that describes the flight path the golf ball takes. If you are right handed, the ball curves to the left and vice versa. Draws are usually played intentionally. A draw is the opposite of a fade. 

To hit the draw, the ball needs to start to the right of your target. Your feet should be squared up to the target, and shoulders should be aligned with your feet. It is also important to close the club face just a tiny bit.

The key to hitting your target is to swing along the path of your feet and arms. 

What is a Fade Shot?

A fade shot is a golf term that describes when the golf ball curves slightly to the right or left (depending on your dominant hand) during its flight.

Fading means gently curving, similar to a curveball in baseball. It doesn’t look like it will reach your target at first, but it will in the end. They are often done intentionally, just like draws. 

For a fade, you do the exact opposite. For many, this will not be a natural shot and it will feel very odd. Start out straight, then move your feet to the left of the target along with your shoulders. Your swing path needs to follow your shoulders and feet. The ball needs to be positioned up front and not too far back. 

Female golfer hitting a draw and fade

By adapting your natural swing to include these really simple setups and swing paths, draws and fades will become so much easier and successful for you. Though this method of hitting a fade may feel awkward at first, once you see results, it won’t feel so awkward anymore.

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