How to Drive the Ball Farther

In this clip, Caroline Collins is back and she joins Jimmy Hanlin at Little Mountain Country Club in Concord, Ohio. The pair continues where they left off with more information on how you can crush your drives off the tee.

This tip is all about creating a great transition from the backswing to give you the power and distance you’re looking for.

A Great Transition Is the Key to Driving the Ball Farther

First, Jimmy shares with Caroline that there is no way to gain distance off the tee with unnecessary speed on the backswing. Many amateurs try to hit the ball farther by really cranking back on that backswing, causing them to lose proper position and not make solid contact with the ball.

Next, Caroline shows us how it’s done and takes a nice and easy backswing. This allows her to focus on keeping her body properly aligned. When the club starts forward, it is in a position to transfer all its energy into the ball.

The Keys to a Great Transition

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to making a great transition:

Once the club is hip high you should have your wrists cocked and the toe of the club pointing toward the sky.

Do not lift your arms at this point. Instead, rotate your shoulders to bring the club to its apex.

Your right shoulder should move backwards and your left shoulder should naturally fall under your chin.

At this point, the club shaft should be at its maximum height and the club head should be in line with the target.

Your weight will now be completely on your back foot.

Avoid the tendency to throw the club “over the top.” Doing that causes you to cut across the ball rather than strike it squarely. In fact, Jimmy says, “If you’re a slicer, this is exactly what you’re doing.”

Instead, let the club head fall slightly back. This allows your body to start the downward motion, hitting the ball with maximum club speed and power.

Following these keys will help you naturally create that all important “lag” that Jimmy is always stressing as the secret to a great golf swing.

Hitting a golf ball off the tee

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