How to Drive the Ball Farther by Slowing Down Your Backswing

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin helps teach Caroline Collins how to drive the ball farther by slowing down her backswing. The farther the golf ball travels, the more interesting the game is. 

Set Up Your Stance

Jimmy begins by having Caroline set up her stance with a 7-iron. He then trades out her 7-iron for a driver. Still in her 7-iron stance, Jimmy has Caroline move her right foot out farther. He then moves her head to the right behind the golf ball as well as her spine. Her right shoulder is behind her, with her left under her chin. Essentially, leaning your body to the right will allow you to hit up on the golf ball and in turn, hit it farther. 

As you swing, your club should actually come down behind you a little bit, not forward. This allows you to not cut across the golf ball and in turn slice the ball. This will create lag, which will in turn create more distance.

You also need to watch your grip on the club. Make sure your knuckles are facing your target. Also be sure not to over-squeeze so that you can better drive the ball at impact.

Be Conscious of Your Backswing

The big key in all of this is to be very conscious of your backswing. You want to hit the ball far, so you need to have a huge backswing, right? Wrong. 

Take your club back nice and slow, putting all your weight on the inside of your right leg. Rotate in your backswing and turn your arms and club over the right side of your body. This creates an easy position to swing from as opposed to a wider stance. 

Things like the clubs you are using, the balls you are using, and even the shoes you are wearing can impact your swing and how far your ball travels, but these tips are a sure way to help you swing farther, no matter who you are or what equipment you are using. 

Golfer using driver to drive the ball further

Start Making Small Changes to Drive the Ball Farther

Although hitting the golf ball far is not the whole game, it does make it more fun and allows you to have some bragging rights with the people you play with. To do so, it’s all about making small changes to your swing and experimenting with how these little changes can help you to be a smarter golfer. 

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