How to Correct a Slice – Part 2

In this episode of ‘Swing Clinic’, Jimmy Hanlin shows Holly Sonders another way to correct a slice. A slice is a shot where the ball curves substantially from left to right whilst in flight. Slices are said to be the most common issue recreational golfers face on the course. They are the opposite of a hook shot. Slices are caused by the club reaching the ball in an open position. This is usually due to setup or swing problems. 

When to Square Up

Jimmy mentions that slicers typically have a hard time squaring the club up. Instead of trying to square the club up to the golf ball once your club reaches it, Jimmy suggests to begin squaring up in the middle of your swing, 2-3 feet behind the ball.  This way, your hands don’t have to be as quick and you allow your body to rotate and close up. 

Square Up to the Ball

Correcting a slice is all about squaring up to the ball and knowing when to do it. Again, this is a problem that many amateurs face, but that can easily be fixed once you understand why it is occurring. Focusing on each step of your swing will ensure that you will no longer be hitting slices every time you hit the course.

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