How to Correct a Slice

This episode of the Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin and Holly Sonders focus on drills to help correct a slice at the Phoenician Resort in Arizona. Jimmy expresses that there are two ways slices can occur. Incorrectly working the club around you is the first way, and the second way is panicking at the bottom of your swing and not knowing when or how to square up the club with the ball.

Working the Club Around You

Most slicers have trouble using their core and working the club around themselves. This can affect the strength of the shot, which can ultimately affect how far the ball goes. 

Here are a few simple tips to correct your swing:

This ensures the path is coming from the inside.

Squaring Up at the Bottom

To stop yourself from panicking at the bottom of your shot, think before you swing. Timing is everything.

Doing this allows you to anticipate squaring up, so you rotate your body and close in the shot.

Working the Lower Body

The path always needs to come a little more to the inside

Moving your hips allows your arms to drop and leaves room for you to swing from the inside.

Golfer at the top of backswing fixing slice

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