How to Correct a Slice – Part 3

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Jimmy Hanlin shows Holly Sonders another method to correct her slice. This move may help turn your banana slice drives into a power fade, lowering your scores and astounding your friends.  

A Simple Drill for Creating an Inside-Out Swing

In Part 1 of “How to Correct a Slice”, Jimmy showed Holly a simple drill for creating an inside-out swing, which allows the club face to square up at impact. A square club face at impact helps eliminate your slice.

Square the Club Face Earlier on in the Downswing

In Part 2, Jimmy taught Holly to begin squaring the club face two to three feet before impact. Squaring it up too late in the downswing will cause the golfer to accelerate the club with their hands in a futile attempt to place the club in the correct position. The acceleration of the club with the hands results in a huge slice.

Keep Your Body From Blocking The Swing

Slicers’ lower body position often prevents them from swinging on the proper inside-out path.  Their hips fail to clear, causing the golfer to adjust the swing. The adjustment results in the outside-in swing that prevents a square club face.   

Clear Your Hips for the Inside-Out Swing That Squares the Club Face

At the top of your swing, as the club begins the downswing, move your hips four to six inches towards your target. Picture your hips contacting a stake just to the target side of your hip.  When your hip contacts the stake, stop the lateral movement.  

Moving your hips forward begins your turn through the ball. The slight lateral movement towards the target gives the needed space for the inside-out swing that squares the club face and eliminates the slice. However, you need to continue turning through the shot to properly square the club face at contact.  

Don’t Sway Too Far

Remember, this is a tiny hip movement. You only want to move four to six inches, until your front hip is over or just past the outside of your front foot. The shot finishes with the turn through the ball. Don’t sway your hips too far forward as this prevents a proper turn, robbing you of power and control.  

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