How to Check Wind Speed

In this segment of 18 Holes at LaJitas Golf Resort in Texas, Natalie gives you a tip on how to check wind speed. This scenic hole with a radical change in elevation provides a beautiful backdrop to talk to you about how wind affects your shot.

Don’t Overlook Wind Speed

Accurately assessing wind speed is one of those challenges we all know we need to do but can get overlooked in our excitement to hit that perfect shot or when overwhelmed by the beauty of the course itself.

Jimmy and Natalie bring up an interesting point from just such a situation. Many golfers will get caught up with the size of the elevation change and forget all about other factors, like the wind.

This hole certainly has a tremendous change in elevation, as Jimmy says, “About a big of a drop as I’ve ever seen before.” Most golfers’ first instinct is to drop down at least two clubs and let it rip. But by slowing down and taking even just a few seconds to check the wind speed, you can score better.

You Can’t Just Look At The Flag To Determine Wind Speed

In this case, Natalie drops down to a 9-iron. But, before she makes her shot, she stops to analyze the wind.

Many amateur golfers only look towards the green and flag to see what sort of wind speed and direction is at play. And, while that’s important, these pros remind us to look at the wind “where they’re standing.” Finding a reference point that is at the same level as you, allows you to accurately gauge the impact the wind will have on your shot.

Now you can adjust not only your club but also your swing and aim and hit a more accurate shot.

Small adjustments like this can lead to big improvements in your game. Regular practice can turn those adjustments into habits. Schedule a GolfGreens® consultation to learn more about our professional-grade products and how they can help improve your golf game!