How to Adjust for Sloping Lies

In this episode of Swing Clinic, Director of Instruction at StoneWater Golf Club, Bob Bourne, shows golfer Elise Lobb how to adjust her swing based on two different slope lies.

First Step: Understand Where the Bottom of Your Swing Is

Start by squaring yourself off and make sure the ball is in the center of your stance. Take a practice swing to figure out where the bottom of your swing is on a particular lie. Then you can adjust your stance accordingly for the actual shot.

Account for Lost Balance on a Slope

The other thing you have to watch for when you’re tackling a slope lie is making sure you don’t have a lot of body motion in your swing because your body is not balanced on the slope. Instead, use more of your shoulders and arms than usual.

How GolfGreens Synthetic Putting Turf Can Help with Pitching Performance

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