Hitting Uphill Lies

In this segment, Elise Lobb joins Jimmy Hanlin for a few key points to keep in mind when faced with an uphill lie. The biggest mistake according to Jimmy is choosing the wrong club. Most amateurs will immediately reach for a sand wedge since most of these situations occur close to the green.

A sand wedge already has a high degree of loft, usually around 58 degrees. Add this to the loft built into the lie and you are likely to pop the shot straight up in the air. Experience teaches you to take a massive swing, which sacrifices control.

So, what should you do?

Jimmy’s Three Keys to Success with Uphill Lies

Let’s break down Jimmy’s tip into three keys you can use as a checklist when you try to hit your next uphill lie.

  • Select the proper club:

Resist your habit to immediately reach for your sand wedge. The lie is already adding a ton of loft or angle to the shot. Instead select a club with around 56 degrees of loft or less. You might also experiment with your pitching wedge since most are in the neighborhood of 53 degrees or less.

  • Position your shoulders correctly:

You will want to ensure that your shoulders are parallel to the hill not to the flat ground. This is going to ensure flush contact between the ball and the club face. If your shoulders remain parallel to the flat ground your club is going to “dig into” the ground and cause an inaccurate shot.

  • Take an easier swing:

Since you now have proper position and proper club selection you can swing easier. This is going to give you better control over your shot and reduce the chances of overshooting your target, allowing you to ultimately score better.

This tip teaches you the techniques the pros use to execute these potential score killing shots! Be sure to check out the entire library of our free golf pro tips, or contact us today to learn how GolfGreens® synthetic putting greens can help you practice like a pro!