Hitting On Uneven Lies

Superstar golf personality Holly Sonders joins Jimmy Hanlin in this edition of 18 Holes from Pinehurst in North Carolina. This quick tip offers a simple solution when setting up your next shot and realizing your lie is uneven.

Realizing You’re Hitting an Uneven Lie

The biggest thing to keep in mind when approaching your next shot is to assess your lie. In this example, Holly talks through her assessment and set up of her shot from the fairway to the green.

First, she notes that she has about 170 yards to the pin and chooses the correct club for that distance. Next, she identifies that the ball is slightly above her feet. This indicates that she has an uneven lie. With the ball above her feet, the ball will tend to hook left. If it were below her feet, it would want to drift right.

She then talks through her aiming point knowing that the ball wants to pull to the left. With a bunker in the way, she needs to avoid the temptation to overcompensate for the right to left movement to avoid landing in the sand. She and Jimmy choose to aim directly at the pin, since there is ample green to the left of the flag.

Even if it moves too far to the left, Holly sets herself up for a makeable putt to score as low as possible.

Decide Whether the Ball is Above or Below Your Feet

You can do the same by remembering to assess and set up every shot by adding a mental note to decide whether the ball is above your feet or below your feet before choosing your aiming point on the shot.

This is a tip that both pros and amateurs can use to improve their scoring and enjoyment of the game! Be sure to watch the entire library of our free golf pro tips, or contact us today to learn how GolfGreens® synthetic putting greens can help you practice like a pro!