Best Way to Hit a 50-Yard Shot From the Fairway

From the 18 Holes episode from Scioto Country Club—Natalie tells fans how to hit a 50 yard shot from the fairway.

The 50-Yard Shot: The Most Difficult Shot There Is

Everyone always asks Jimmy what the most difficult shot in golf is, and he can say without a doubt that it’s the 50-yard shot because it requires so much control to go a short distance. The 50-yard shot from the fairway is one of the least practiced shots there is, but putting in some extra time feeling out this tricky shot could be the key to improving your golf game.

The Half-Wedge Shot

While Jimmy relies on a bounce to master the shot, Natalie learned a simple strategy that includes gripping a little further down on the club and swinging halfway back and halfway through. What does she mean by halfway? Take your regular swing and reduce it by half—It’s basically just a half-wedge shot that gives you more control.

Experiment with Bounce

In addition to trying out Natalie’s approach using a half-wedge shot, you can also take advice from Jimmy and make sure you’re not digging with the leading edge of the club. Jimmy’s advice for preventing digging is to rely on the bounce of your club. Bounce refers to the bounce angle, or how much the sole of the club head lifts off the ground. If you’re someone who tends to dig with your club head, you might consider experimenting with a club that has more bounce to get the right loft for the short distance the ball needs to travel.

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