How to Hit a Better Flop Shot

Any recreational golfer has faced a situation when they have a hazard between them and the pin, and they don’t have much green to work with. That’s when a flop shot can be a valuable asset for your golf game. When properly done, a flop shot can save the day. 

In this episode of 18 Holes, Jimmy Hanlin shows Holly Sonders how golfers can hit a better flop shot. 

Bigger isn’t always better with flop shots. The biggest mistake golfers make with these shots is that they think they need to take a steep shot to get that spin. But that approach is wrong. To get a quality flop shot, you need to take a more shallow swing. 

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Pull Off a Flawless Flop

Here’s a play-by-play, courtesy of Jimmy, on what you’ll want to do for an epic flop shot:

Open up your stance, much like you would when taking a sand shot.

Open the face of the club up, with it almost laying backwards.

Put your weight forward slightly.

Take a long swing, focusing on the width of the swing. Envision that the golf ball has legs underneath it. Aim your swing at just under the ball, as if you were trying to chop those legs off. 

Remember, you don’t have to hit any harder than you normally do if you have the proper form. 

Make Sure to Practice

Now that you know the basics of how to do the shot, make sure you put in the effort. Practice it many times before you unveil it during a round of golf. If you’re not confident with it yet in a game situation, go for a safer shot. 

With Jimmy’s instruction, Holly gets a feel for the flop shot, improving it each time.

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