Creating a More Powerful Golf Swing

In this episode, up and coming golfer Chelsea Pezzola joins Jimmy Hanlin to show you how you can create more power in your golf swing. Hitting for power is something that Chelsea does naturally, so her example is a great one to follow to learn how to generate that powerful swing yourself.

Hit Up on the Ball, Not Down

The first thing Jimmy recommends is to recognize if you are hitting down on the golf ball. Hitting down on the golf ball can be one of those things that hurts your swing. It robs your game of power and must be corrected to add that missing distance to your game.

The problem with this is that most golfers instinctively try to use their hands to hit up on the ball. When you use your hands, you may tend to sit back on that right side and lose the angle or lag between your hands and the club. Now you’ve put yourself in a weak position, and even though you may hit up on the ball a little better, you won’t have the power you’re looking for. 

The trick is to keep that lag all the way through the bottom of the swing. Maintaining that angle between the hands and the club will help you generate more arm speed, adding power to your swing.

As Jimmy says, “It’s all about power, speed, and hitting up on the golf ball with the least spin.”

Maintain Lag to Add Power to Your Swing

As Jimmy shows Chelsea, you need to keep your left shoulder up and open or “around” to maintain lag and add power. By doing this, Chelsea is able to maintain that angle between the club and her grip until the bottom of the downswing.

Chelsea is now in a powerful, strong position and the club will strike the ground and ball in the proper spot, generating maximum distance with minimal spin. This gives her the accuracy and carry she needs to make predictable shots on every club.

Jimmy and his guests love teaching you techniques pros and amateurs can use to improve their scoring and enjoyment of the game. Be sure to watch the entire library of our free golf pro tips, or contact us today to learn how GolfGreens® artificial turf can help you practice like a pro!

Woman taking a swing on the golf course