Chipping Tips

In this clip, Jimmy Hanlin and Holly Sonders show you how to chip the ball better, step-by-step. Holly says that chipping the ball is definitely the part of the game that makes players the most nervous. Jimmy has a couple of simple steps you can take to help calm those nerves.

Commit to It and Make Solid Contact with the Ball

The biggest mistake players make while chipping is keeping the club low and close to the grass throughout their entire swing. These “scoopers” make it tough to make good contact with the ball, because their takeaway is bad.

Get Your Club In a Steeper Position

First, take your back foot and move it about a foot behind you and stay up on your toes. This helps the golf club go up in a steeper position when you take your swing. It also keeps your weight forward, which is key when chipping.

Make Sure You’re Centered

Next, make sure your head is in front of the golf ball. This helps make sure you are centered and can hit down and through the ball for the perfect chip.

It is key to keep both your foot and head in these same positions while you take your swing. Many people fall backwards trying to scoop, because they want the golf ball to get up. This does not work though, because you need your weight to be forward for the perfect chip.

This drill will help you to master the perfect chip. Many people get nervous because they simply want to hit the ball upward. This simple method will keep your nerves down and get your chip up in no time.

Golfer chipping the ball onto the green

Practice Your Chip Shots on GolfGreens Artificial Turf

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