Three Tips to Master Fairway Bunker Shots

As you step up to the ball embedded in the bunker, take a big breath. You’ve got to release some of your tension and get the best stance in place. Here’s how:

Tip #1: Plant Your Feet Firmly

Start with a wider stance than usual and dig your feet into the sand. Your feet need to remain stable to minimize movement and prevent the sand from shifting. With your feet firmly in the sand, you’ll form a solid base to anchor your swing.

Tip #2: Keep Your Lower Body Still

Once your feet are properly positioned, focus on keeping your lower body quiet. The goal is to not overuse your legs and to create minimal lower-body motion throughout the swing. By focusing on body control, not power, you’ll have a level shot and remain steady over the ball.


fairway bunker shot


Tip #3: Strike the Ball First

Before taking the swing, choke down slightly on your club to encourage a ball-first contact. You can attempt a clean pick from the bunker, but don’t get too caught up in avoiding the sand. By hitting down on the ball, you can achieve a solid strike that takes a divot of sand and gets you out of the bunker.

Conquer the Fairway Bunker Shot

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Gaining the confidence and skill needed to play out of fairway bunkers takes time and effort. As you practice with the proper stance, you’ll have less torque in your lower body and make solid contact that lifts the ball out of the bunker.

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